New DCL eBook Price Comparison Report – November, 2013

– Submitted by Jamie LaRue

Two things jump out at me this time. From September of last year to this report, we’ve gone from 30% availability of titles to 80%. That is most definitely the result of the good work of ALA.

But the other two areas: price and ownership, remain dismal. The average price is around $45-50 per title, and we don’t own any of them.

View the Latest Douglas County Libraries Pricing Comparison Report.

See a summary of Publisher sales to libraries in this previous Evoke post. Read a summary of ALAs work over the last two years and their plans for the future as presented in the recent (10/23/14) ALA Virtual Town Hall on EBooks: ALA Moves Forward in Ebook Arena. 

One Year Anniversary for DCL Pricing Comparison Report

Submitted by Rochelle Logan, Douglas County Libraries

More titles are available to libraries in eBook form than a year ago when we
started this monthly report. The DCL top circulating fiction and nonfiction
titles are attached. Of these 20 titles, 13 are available from either Overdrive
or 3M. The difference from a year ago is in the 3M offerings from Penguin.
Silken Prey, And the Mountains Echoed, Breaking Point, and Six Years are all
Penguin imprints and come with pricing of $20.89 and under.

View the latest DCL Pricing Comparison Report and read a blog post for American Libraries by Rochelle Logan and Jamie LaRue.

Amigos Receives TSLAC Grant to Fund E-book Project

– Submitted by Christine Kreger, Colorado State Library

“Amigos Library Services (Amigos) announces it has received a Library Cooperation Grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). The grant will help fund a project to develop a new e-book distribution platform. The planned service will provide e-books for library patrons, searchable through an Amigos search interface or a local library catalog. Amigos will create the platform and negotiate directly with publishers to obtain content.”

Read the full announcement from Amigos.

DCWG Big Six Matrix for Ebook License Comparisons

– Submitted by Jamie LaRue, Douglas County Libraries

“The Digital Content and Libraries Working Group continues to explore issues related to the Big Six publishers and library purchasing, licensing, and lending of their ebooks. Even for those of us actively trying to follow developments, there is plenty to be confused about.”

Rob Maier has created a matrix “shows what is available to libraries from each of the Big Six, under what terms, at what price, and from which library vendor(s).”

Read the entire article at American Libraries.

Access the matrix (PDF)

New American Libraries Supplement Examines Future of eBook Lending

– Submitted by Christine Kreger, Colorado State Library

“The future-focused digital supplement examines how libraries are evolving in response to the digital revolution, including exploiting opportunities in self-publishing, while confronting challenges in licensing constraints.”

Read the full article and access the supplemental report, Digital Access: What’s Next? from ALA.

Both Jamie LaRue and Rochelle Logan have articles published in this supplement.

DCL Publishes its First eBook

– Submitted by Jamie LaRue, Douglas County Libraries

Douglas County Libraries has published its first eBook!

Oral history interview with Attilio F. Caporiccio
by Caporiccio, Attilio F., 1916-2007,

Why is this significant?

  • This is an example of library as publisher, taking local content and making it freely available to the world.
  • It showcases the ability of the library to be a player in the digital world, highlighting unique information.
  • It shows a new opportunity for short form writing – something one might read during a commute, on a smartphone or tablet.
  • You don’t need a library card to check it out. Just search for either the name “Caporiccio” or “Veterans History Project” then scroll down to find the cover. Click on that, then scroll down to Access eContent. It begins to download. If you have an epub reader, now you’ve got it, and can read it.

Connecticut House of Representatives Unanimously Passes Bill to Study Library Access to Ebooks, Legislation Now Moves to State Senate

– Submitted by Gene Hainer, Coloado State Library

“The state House of Representatives voted Tuesday 143-0 to pass a bill requiring the commissioner of consumer protection to report to the General Assembly on the issue by Feb 1.”

More information about this bill is available from the Library Journal InfoDocket including links to the bill and testimony given.

OverDrive Announces Availability of Hachette Book Group eBooks

– Submitted by Jim Duncan, Colorado Library Consortium

“Hachette Book Group, one of the largest and most successful publishers in the world, will make its entire digital catalog of more than 5,000 eBooks available to libraries and schools via OverDrive.”

However, OverDrive’s Advantage Program still limits consortia purchasing and resources sharing between libraries.

Read the full press release.