Douglas County Experiment / Model

Advice: first read two companion pieces from the perspective of Douglas County Libraries, one by Jamie LaRue and the other by Monique Sendze. This is good start-up information.

  • More recent publications
  • All Hat, No Cattle – published in The Digital Shift, June 2012

Next, explore the Technologies area of this site to learn how DCL has set up its e-content infrastructure. Also, know that the list of Publishers Willing to Sell E-Content continues to grow. NEW! [Updated 6/20/12] – Get an inside look at DCL’s eContent Metadata Processing Guidelines. It’s a must-read for technical services staff members! It should be noted that this is a Draft document, and as such, is a work in progress. How does Douglas County Libraries secure partnerships with publishers? Contacting them, often initiated by phone call or letter. Dear Publisher Partner lays out in a common-sense manner DCL’s approach. By the numbers: As of [May 16], Douglas County Libraries had secured partnerships with 14 publishers representing 800 imprints. NEW! [Updated Jan 2, 2013] – Monthly review of ebook pricing from Douglas County Libraries. Latest reports will be filed at the end.